WDF rules apply in singles event.
The organizers reserve the right to alter the schedule and playing format.
Players and markers will not be called in.
Please make sure that you check the playing schedule on DartConnect in order to see where and when you have to play your
next game; In case of no show the player will be disqualified from competition by the floor managers.

Playing Area

Smoking, drinking and eating are not allowed in the playing area, after a second warning the player will be removed from
the tournament. In case the player is not in the competition anymore, the player will be disqualified from next RDF event.


It is the responsibility of every player to register at the venue for each tournament they have entered. Only those players will
be in the draw who have registered at the control desk on the day of the tournament at the designated times. Players who
have not registered will be eliminated from tournament (there will be no entry fee refunded).
RIDO and RCDO are only available for players who are member of a national federation which is member of WDF. According
to WDF regulations, competitors who hold a PDC tour card cannot compete in WDF competitions.
All the the tournaments, will be played using the DartConnect system.
This means that there will be no announcement for players to go to the board to play other than at the start of the day. Each
player has ten minutes from the conclusion of the previous game to report to the board they are scheduled to play on.
Any player that does not report to their board at the correct time, runs the risk of being disqualified by the Tournament Organisers.


Markers will be appointed for the first match in all knockout tournaments.
After the first knockout match on each board, the loser must stay to mark the next match on the same board.

Non-Marker Penalty

Should any player not stay to mark, (or find a person to mark on their behalf), they will be disqualified from all remaining
tournaments(RIDO &RCDO) in in 2024 and in 2025

Floor Match Dress Code

Whilst it is hoped that all players play in their darts shirts, dark trousers or skirts and dark footwear, it is not mandatory.

Stage Board Dress Code

Any player playing in matches played on the Centre Board must wear their darts shirt, dark trousers or skirt and dark footwear. Players must wear 2 stickers (upper right chest and upper left chest) with tournament sponsors.
Order of Play

A bull throw shall determine the order of play in each match with the player detailed on top on DartConnect being the player
that shall throw first for the Bull.
Every player is allowed to throw 9 practice darts before the start of the game.
All questions concerning score checks must be made before the player throws again.
Pairs tournament: player who throws first in the first leg of the game will throw first in each leg of the match.

From WDF Rules

12.02 The winner of the Bull throw shall throw first in the match and all subsequent “odd numbered legs” which will also
include the “tie-break” leg if required. In matches divided into sets the winner of the Bull throw shall throw first in all “odd
numbered” sets.
In throws for the Bull if a dart enters the “25” or “Bull” sector it shall be removed before the opponent takes their throw.
Re-throws shall be called for if:

  • If both darts are in the Bull
  • If both darts are in the ‘25’ ring
  • If the Referee cannot determine which dart is nearer the Bull

A re-throw shall be in the reverse order of the previous throw. The player who throws nearer the centre of the dartboard shall
throw first in the match

Cancellation of participation and refund

Entries fees 100% Free cancelation is possible only by sending an official request by email ( BEFORE
January 24th, 2024.

Prize money

Players who will not attend Sunday evening at the Prize-giving Ceremony will not receive their prize at all. All the players
must present ID and sign the forms in order to receive the prize money. All prize money will be paid in local currency (LEI)